Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (AO3)

Chapter 2 – I Need to Know

David Rossi x Spencer Reid

Summary: Sequel to “Rules for Casual Encounters” Rossi’s concerned because Reid seems emotionally distant. Reid has some reservations about their relationship and he is not dealing with Morgan’s reaction well.

That evening Rossi stood in front of the younger man’s apartment berating his uncharacteristic lack of courage.  He’d been standing there for a good five minutes before he finally reached up and knocked. Spencer opened the door immediately, as if he had been waiting on the other side for Dave to arrive. Wordlessly, he motioned towards the small kitchen and pulled out chair. The older man sat down at the small table, noting an open bottle of vodka and empty glass on the counter. The unusual choice of alcohol put him on edge.

“Dave, if we’re going to make this work I need to tell you something.” The older man nodded, trepidation filling his body. Spencer took something out of his pocket and set it on the table. His fingers covered it as he pushed it towards the older man.

Rossi’s breath caught in his throat as the young doctor withdrew his hand. It was an NA token. He looked at his lover in astonishment. “Who else knows about this?”

Spencer twitched. “Gideon and Hotch. I’m pretty sure the others know and haven’t said anything or at the very least they have their own suppositions. I’ve been clean for quite some time now. I’ll hit five years here soon. Gideon was the one who took me to a detox clinic before he disappeared. Then after he left, Hotch helped me out even when he was dealing with his own problems.”

Dave looked up at the apparent bitterness in his tone when he mentioned Gideon. “Can I ask what happened?”

Reid sat back in the chair, wrapping his arms around his waist. Dave cocked his eyebrow, observing how Spencer had curled in on himself, instinctively protecting the softest part of his body as if expecting harm to befall him. “Did Hotch ever tell you what happened when I was kidnapped by Tobias Hankel?”

“He mentioned it only briefly. I read about it in your file when I took over the senior agent’s position.” Rossi had a feeling there was more to the case than he had read, but hadn’t ever asked. Anytime it came up it seemed to be an awkward moment for the team; sort of like how no one ever mentioned Morgan and the Chicago case or how everyone but Prentiss would tense up when a former agent named Elle was mentioned. He had read enough of Aaron’s case files to realise that this one involving Reid had been carefully worded and painfully to the point.

“Hotch left out that Tobias drugged me with Dilaudid several times during my kidnapping and that as a result I became addicted. I was using off and on all the way up until the point Gideon left.”

“You said he took you to a clinic. There were several months in between your kidnapping and him leaving.” Dave stared at the token, it was scratched and nicked all over but still gleamed in the florescent light of the kitchen. It was for one year and even though Reid said he’d been clean for longer than that it looked like this one was important.

Spencer blushed, “Yeah, it didn’t work. I kept having flashbacks and couldn’t deal with it. Even now I have nightmares about it but they’ve become manageable. Shortly after that Gideon started falling apart. He really lost it after the second case we had with Frank Breitkopf; I think the incident in Arizona was the last straw.” The young agent knew Dave wasn’t going to like what he said next, but he had to get it out there for him to understand. “It was Hotch.”

“What was Hotch?”

“The person who helped me get clean. After Gideon went missing I found a letter in his cabin addressed to me trying to explain why he left. I was pretty despondent and I felt like he had abandoned us … me.” Spencer took a deep breath before he continued. “I almost ODed, but Hotch showed up at my apartment and helped me before I was too far gone. You can imagine what happened next.”

“He took you a clinic and managed to make it stick?”

The younger man laughed disparagingly, “Actually no.” Dave looked at him in confusion. “He cooked soup and then held my head over a toilet all weekend. After that he searched my entire apartment and laid out all my drugs in front of me and asked what I wanted more; escape from one horrible experience or my life at the BAU. He dropped me off at my first NA meeting later that week.”

Rossi muttered, “And he calls me the dramatic one. I think I understand why you hold him in such high regard.”

Spencer nodded, “Dave, I have a great deal of admiration and respect for Hotch but I’m in love with you.” He reached over the token on the table and grasped the older man’s hand. Giving it a squeeze he added playfully, “But you better watch out, I don’t know if I can handle the amount of jealousy I’ve heard Italian men can be capable of.”

Rossi chuckled, “I guess I wasn’t very subtle this afternoon was I?”

Reid laughed quietly, “No, but I’ll be sure to tell my sponsor that he’s still able to inspire jealously at his age.”

“Whoa, wait a moment. He’s an older guy? From my experience that’s your type.” Spencer looked mortified for a moment before he comprehended Dave was teasing him. Rossi drew in a deep breath and switched back to being serious. “I’m happy you could trust me with this. I’m not making light of it but I’m glad that was all it was. For a moment I thought you had decided this was too much trouble and wanted to call it quits.”

The younger agent looked at him in astonishment. He didn’t realise Dave was having doubts about their fledgling relationship. Even though they had been sleeping with each other for over five months the whole ‘us’ thing was rather new and fragile. But then again, he reasoned, he hadn’t given the older man many reassurances that it was going well. Spencer looked at the past couple of days in another light and recognised he’d been a little off putting. He could see how the older man could have thought he wanted to end it. “I want this to work.” He leaned forward and kissed Dave gently. After a moment he pulled back, “So are we good?”

“We’re good.” Smiling, the elder man leaned forward and returned his kiss.

Not So Damsel in Distress (AO3)

Peter Hale x Stiles Stilinski

Summary: for my 365 day prompts on my tumblr – Danger and Rescue

Peter wasn’t used to being the damsel in distress. He was altogether mortified and amused at the same time, seeing as it was Stiles who rescued him. The skinny teen jumped in front of him, distracting the opposing pack trying to encroach on Hale-McCall territory. A soft fleshy human was just as fun to tear apart as an injured older beta. Totally ignoring the danger of the advancing wolves he flung mountain ash out in a haphazard circle. Peter collapsed on the ground as the other pack halted abruptly. Their Alpha growled, “You can’t stay in there forever.”

Stiles grinned, “Not going to hafta. My pack is coming,” Scott’s howl echoed far out in the forest, “and the local authorities as well as hunters are on their way too.” Peter could hear the distant scream of the Sheriff’s cruiser and another 4-wheel drive as the cars made their way into the Preserve.

The Alpha snarled, “We’re not done here,” as he and and the enemy pack scattered into the darkness.

As soon as they disappeared, Stiles dropped to his knees beside the older man. “Let me see,” he prodded Peter’s hand that was clasped around his thigh. Four long claw marks were still bleeding sluggishly, the older wolf lucky that he was only snagged as he was trying to sneak away.

“How did you find me?” Peter asked.

“Heh, I know you.” Stiles smirked. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist spying on them where they were camped out.” The budding emissary took a jar out of his backpack and began rubbing some foul smelling paste on the wounds. “So I just looked at their pattern of attacks and sort of guessed where they were.”

“And just like that you took off? Why would you come after me?” the former Alpha was having a hard time understanding why Stiles of all people would want to save him from danger.

“I couldn’t let anything happen to my favorite creeper wolf.” The words rolled lightly off his tongue but Peter was surprised to hear no skip in heartbeat. It wasn’t a lie. Stiles sat down next to him as they waited for the pack to arrive. “What is taking them so long?”

Peter listened for a moment and chuckled, “Scott lost your scent briefly and turned the wrong way.” The older man pointed to the mountain ash. “I see you are getting better at that.”

“Yeah, I’m not as graceful as Miss Morrell and sometimes it’s not a perfect circle.” He gestured at the crooked lines surrounding them.

Peter eyed the young man, noting the deflection of the praise into something depreciative. “I’m not complaining.” He said lowly. “The functionality was what was important at the moment.” Stiles looked at him, his mouth slightly open in astonishment. Most likely due to the lack of snark in Peter’s tone. The older man smiled and was pleased to note the blush that stole over the teen’s face as he looked away.

Flushed Cheeks (AO3)

Hannibal Lecter x Will Graham

Summary: prompt fill for my 365 day challenge on tumblr, done on the fly, several days late, but who can resist a man in panties?

Hannibal almost dropped the knife he had in his hands as he took in the sight before him. Will was hovering in the doorway to his work room, hands fluttering nervously by his side as he suppressed the urge to cover himself. The younger man was wearing panties. Lacy, white panties and nothing else. He looked at Hannibal uncertainly as the older man had yet to say anything.

The killer mentally shook himself. This was certainly never something they had explored before, but now that he was presented with it, he wasn’t about to say no. Hannibal studied the profiler’s bare torso before looking down at the scrap of fabric that barely failed to cover his erection. Will blushed, the pink staining his face. The flush traveled down his body as Hannibal’s eyes devoured him. “Turn around,” he commanded, “Let me see all of it.”

He turned slowly, keeping his head to one side to see the older man’s reaction. Hannibal’s face stayed impassive as he examined the the barely covered buttocks in front of him. However, Will’s breath sped up as he noticed the bulge in the killer’s apron. He was aroused enough that it was straining all the way through the layers of his clothes. The agent slowly slid the panties down enough that the cleft of his ass was exposed and the undergarment stretched right across where his hole was. This seemed to spur the older man into action and he reached for a cloth to wipe his bloody hands. “No,” Will said quickly.

Hannibal paused “No?” He questioned, a small smile forming at the edge of lips.

“I want it just like this,” he nodded towards the cannibal’s soiled hands then braced himself against the wall. Hannibal’s face blossomed into a full fledged grin as he peeled off his apron and carefully hung it up. He could see Will’s thighs quivering impatiently as he carefully unzipped his trousers. The younger man almost whimpered in relief as he felt a sticky finger brush against him then push slowly into his already slicked entrance.

“I don’t know if I should reward or punish you for this.” Will cried in frustration as the finger was removed. It was for naught, as the next moment Hannibal’s hand landed on his ass in a sharp slap. The younger man could feel the tacky blood rubbing against the lace as the killer spanked him a couple of times. Once he was satisfied, Hannibal grabbed Will’s hips, pulled the panties to one side and pushed inside without warning. The killer ran one of his hands up his chest and wrapped his fingers firmly around his throat. He thrust deeply, setting a brutal pace designed to push them quickly over the edge.

It was completely fine for Will, he wasn’t going to last long as he had been painfully close from the moment he donned the panties and fingered himself open. He tilted his head slightly and licked at the drying blood on Hannibal’s forearm. The older man stiffened behind him and bit down on his shoulder. The sharp pain and the feeling of the cum flooding into him was it for him. With a muffled shout he spilled inside the lacy fabric, coming so much it dripped out onto the floor.

Panting only slightly, he turned and leaned against the wall. He looked down as he felt a tug at his thigh. Hannibal pulled at the now sticky and wrecked undergarment until it came free and slid down his legs to pool around his ankles. He looked down at the streaks of blood smeared over his chest then back up at the other man. Hannibal licked his lips slowly then drew back and raked his eyes over the debauched sight in front of him. “What a beautiful picture you make, Will.”

Ducks in a Row (AO3)

Peter Hale, Derek Hale and Cora Hale

Summary: Peter has a moment with his family. It causes him to be a bit introspective… drabble post from my tumblr. I wrote a thing based on this manip of this picture.

Peter’s not sure how they ended up lying together and talking. It had started with Derek leaning against the table talking about a family outing before the fire. He was making fun of Cora for having blundered into a patch of poison oak. “I was ten! What did you expect?” she had playfully punched him on the arm before sitting on the table next to him. Peter got up from the stairs as she made to lie down on the table.

Derek smiled softly, “Mom was trying to show you how to scent it out, that was a whole point.” She grumbled lightly and he leaned back and joined her on the flat surface.

Peter strode over to the both of them and rested his hip against the edge. “If I remember correctly, you knew it was there. You were supposed to be helping your younger sister,” he lightly scolded him. Derek glared at the older wolf as Cora punched him again; a moment later he motioned for his uncle to join them on the table. Peter contemplated it for a second before he slid into space next to his nephew.

They hadn’t had any family moments since the three of them had been together. It made him uncomfortable in the strangest way and he struggled to explain the feeling. The two younger wolves continued to banter back and forth as Peter looked up into the rafters. Family, they were everything he had left; Derek with his unfortunate luck and Cora with her mysterious absence and feigned apathy. At moments like this he could feel the tiny bit of regret niggling at him for Laura’s death. Derek’s soft chuckle broke him out of his reverie and he turned his head. Something like fondness almost broke through before he realised it and then he was overcome with envy and rage. He managed to get his feelings under control and keep his heartbeat steady before the two of them noticed. He wondered if he was growing weak with his feelings for his poor broken family.

Derek turned to him a moment later when he asked a question and the older man hadn’t responded, “Are you okay?”

Peter blinked in surprise because he had been so engrossed in this thoughts he hadn’t been listening. The concern on his niece and nephew’s faces momentarily disarmed him. “Yes, I was just lost in the moment,” he replied without any sarcasm for once. They both smiled at him and returned to their conversation.

The former alpha frowned and let a bit of nostalgia wash through him. He decided in that moment, that he would find a way to get these two damnable children out of his way. They would have to leave so that he wouldn’t have to deal with any more of those trifling niggling feelings that threatened to fill the empty hole in his chest.

Honey (AO3)

Chapter 7

Aaron Hotchner + Spencer Reid

Summary: Addiction Series 2 – Reid struggles with his drug use and turns to the one person who has never abandoned him.

Aaron searched the entire apartment while Spencer slept. He looked through all of the cushions and all of the young man’s bureau drawers. He emptied out every cereal box and opened every book. When he was finished he was only partially relieved at the small amount of items gathered on the kitchen table. However, the most disturbing find hadn’t been the Oxycodone that was hidden in a coat pocket in the closet, but the bottle of meth that had been concealed at the back of the pantry. The very presence of the items was a very large betrayal but Hotch knew he couldn’t be angry or disappointed. Anger would only be met with Reid’s spectacular brand of stubbornness and he didn’t have any right to be disappointed.

Aaron acknowledged that he had failed Spencer in so many ways in the aftermath of his abduction by Tobias Hankel. He had known that Gideon had never completely gotten over the incident in Boston. The recurring symptoms of his PTSD had been hidden instead of managed. The first time, when Jason had questioned his own judgement over Elle being shot had been his first clue, but Aaron had chosen to ignore it. He wanted to believe Gideon had it together and was just feeling the remorse that every senior agent did when a team mate was injured. He had also written it off when the older man questioned himself again in Hankel’s cabin. Aaron knew how close the mentor protégé relationship between the two was and had chosen to stay out of it. He had trusted that Gideon had Reid’s recovery under control until he missed the plane in New Orleans. Afterwards, the younger man had dropped glaringly unsubtle clues for help and he had ignored them. As his superior he should have asked if everything was alright, and as his friend he should have made sure everything was alright.

When Spencer woke up that afternoon he wandered out of his room into the kitchen. Aaron was sitting at the table staring at something on it. He looked up as the young man looked down at the items. The senior profiler didn’t miss the panicked expression that crossed his face as he realised what they were. Making sure his tone didn’t sound disapproving, Hotch said to him, “I won’t ask if this is everything. I won’t even ask why you have them. The only question I have for you is ‘is this what you want?’”

Reid flopped into the chair across from him. He was at a loss, “I don’t understand.”

Aaron’s mouth flattened into a thin harsh line. “I’m asking you what you want. It’s always been your choice. Do you want this,” he gestured to the drugs on the table, “a quick and easy escape or do you want to end this and move on with your life at the BAU.”

Spencer’s face took on a mulish quality and he crossed his arms in front of him in defence. “Are you asking that as my boss or my friend?” he asked sullenly.

“Both,” the older man snapped back at him. “Spencer, as your friend and your boss I need to know if you can make a promise to yourself that last night was the last time. It doesn’t matter how much I want you to stop using, you have to want to stop.”

Reid wanted to stop, wanted this to be the last time. He wanted to stay in the FBI and be a part of the BAU. The young doctor knew that he was only there by very special circumstances; most people his age were still going to training or were probationary field agents. Aaron was right. There was no way he could continue this way. He had been using the older man as a crutch. Speaking very slowly for once, he voiced the first things that came to him, “Working at the BAU is all that I have in my life… it is my life. And I know that this,” he gestured to the items on the table, “is taking that away from me. If I continue like this I will lose both.” He looked up at his friend and his boss, Aaron Hotchner. The older man nodded. Drawing in a shaky breath he continued, “I think I have been fooling myself that I can get through this with only your help and my will power. But I still don’t want to go to a clinic; even I know that is not a long term solution and I don’t want to give up your help either. I want to stay with y… with the BAU. But at the same time I want to get away from this terror, this thing that is eating me up and not letting me move forward. ” He slumped forward against the table, all the tension drained out of him, it was almost as though the words had been all that were holding him up.

Watching the young man shake as he tried to compose himself Aaron realised several other mistakes he had made. He had not spent enough time with Reid teaching him how to compartmentalise. He had relied on the showing and the leading by example instead of telling and teaching. He had also ignored the bad example Gideon represented. The events that had led to this moment were a testimony to the senior agent’s inability to keep the work from getting to him. This brought to mind yet another thing, Reid’s exceptional talents in no way compensated for his lack of experience. Thanks to his mentor, he did not have the years spent in law enforcement to grow a thick skin or to develop a proper control of his headspace in the face of the things they dealt with. It was then Hotch also realised, with some amount of self loathing, that he had been conceited. A small part of him had wanted to be the only one Reid needed to turn to and that had been where he failed. Even if it was something he didn’t want to share with the team, Spencer needed others to support him. He needed others who could relate to him and at the same time not be a part of his personal or professional life. Sighing, he looked up as he realised the young man had been studying him while he thought. “Spencer…” he hesitated, “how would you feel about attending an NA meeting?” Aaron tried not to laugh at the myriad emotions that passed over the young man’s. He waited as the younger agent worked through his thoughts. He opened and closed his mouth several times but seemed to come to a different conclusion just as he was about to speak. Aaron sat patiently as Reid seemingly made a decision.

For a moment Reid couldn’t believe what Aaron had suggested. The other man knew how personal, how private this was. To say he was shocked by the suggestion

“I… I think that might work,” he muttered.

Through the Window (AO3)

Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski

Summary: Derek drops by for a quickie. Inspired by this nsfw gifset on my tumblr

“Derek! What are you doing? My dad’s going to be home in a few minutes!” Stiles panicked as werewolf palmed him through his jeans. Just the thought of getting fucked again was making his cock leak pre-come.

“Then I guess we better make this quick,” he growled whipping his clothes off.

“Please tell me you didn’t come over just for a quickie,” the teen pulled his shirt over his head.

The older man grinned and pushed him down onto the deep blue comforter. He kissed his way down the young man’s chest then unzipped his jeans and pulled them down halfway. Bending over he grabbed a condom and the bottle of lube off of the nightstand. “Looks like you had the same thing in mind,” he said brandishing the foil wrapped package in front of him.

Stiles raised an eyebrow. “You don’t need that anyway,” he mumbled.

“Quick clean up,” the alpha reminded him as he rolled it on and slicked himself up. “You okay this way?” he indicated as he lined himself up.

“Yeah,” Stiles breathed. “I’m still good from a few hours ago. Give it to me hard.”

Derek bent him almost in half, resting Stiles feet on his chest. Using his pants for leverage he pushed in slowly. As soon as the teen nodded he started thrusting slowly, building momentum as Stiles voiced his approval.

Derek watched as the teen snaked his hand down and began jacking himself off. “Stiles,” he ground out.

“Yeah, almost… Ah! Derek!” The wolf groaned as the young man’s body tightened around him. A few more jagged thrusts of his hips and he let himself go. Derek pulled out and bent over the teen. He licked up Stiles’ come from his stomach as the younger man watched him with a thoroughly blitzed expression.

“You know that’s never not going to turn me on, right? I notice you really like doing that.” Derek grinned against his stomach and crawled up his body to give him a filthy kiss.

Pulling away slightly he murmured into his neck, “Tastes like you. I like it.” He stood up causing Stiles to whine at the loss of contact. Pulling off the used condom he tossed it into the trash. Derek was about to get back in bed when they heard the sound of a car door slamming shut.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! My dad’s home.” Stiles popped off the bed, yanking his jeans up as he ushered the older man to the window. He gave him a quick kiss as he ducked out.

Stiles’ phone chimed a few minutes after he finished greeting his dad for the night. ‘About what you said earlier.’

He frowned trying to remember. ‘What did I say?’

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck.’

Stiles grinned and looked down as his phone chimed again.

‘maybe in the morning after he leaves’

“Oh God,” the teen groaned. At least he was good at making excuses, because he’d have to find some good ones to explain why he was having a hard time walking around in school tomorrow.

I’ll Not Be A Gentleman (AO3)

Peter Hale x Stiles Stilinski

Summary: Five times Peter’s creeperific tendencies surprised Stiles and the one time the teen surprised him.

I. Flirtation

Stiles was at the library doing research when Peter appeared behind him in the slightly dim aisle. The yelp he let out as he fell to the ground had several patrons hissing at him. “Peter! What the hell?” he whisper-shouted as he picked himself off the floor.

The wolf grinned as he plucked the book Stiles had been looking for off the shelf. “I just came to see if you needed any help. For you to resort to the paper material versus the vast electronic frontier is rather disturbing. Also it can be so dull hanging around my nephew sometimes, I needed a break from all the ‘man-pain’ as you teens so like to call it.

Stiles couldn’t help it if he smiled in response to that statement. He quickly wiped the expression from his face as Peter raised an eyebrow in response. The wolf trailed after him, occasionally standing to close or brushing up against him as he scoured the shelves for what he was looking for. The teen was about to snap at him the fourth time Peter grabbed a book he needed before Stiles could get to it. However, as soon as the annoyance became too much, the older man darted down an adjacent aisle.

With a sigh of relief, Stiles carried his mound of books to a nearby table and got to work. A few minutes later, Peter sat down across from him. After about an hour of relative silence Stiles looked up from his research to find the older man staring at him from over the top of a book. He ducked his head back down but the relentless gaze had him twitching and fidgeting. He closed the book he was reading with a huff of aggravation and looked to see what the werewolf was pretending to be engrossed in. “Wait, what are you reading? Is that Naked Heat?” Stiles stared at the bestselling author’s book cradled in Peter’s hands.

“Yes, I find it very amusing. The love interest absolutely loathes the man at first, then grows to like him.”

Stiles frowned at him in response to that. “I thought you were here to help?” The young man grumbled in exasperation.

“I am helping. I’m making sure you don’t find some striking piece of information then go off on your own to investigate it.”

Stiles growled, “Derek sent you here to babysit me?”

The beta gave him a wolfish grin, “No, my nephew wouldn’t think that far ahead. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy your delightful presence. However, if you want to think about it as babysitting, then I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to sit on my lap while I read you a story.” He picked up one of the research books and waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“You are such a paedophile. I should scream ‘bad touch’ and have you arrested right here.” Stiles groused as he grabbed another book from the pile. Peter just smiled indulgently and opened his book.

II. Coffee

Stiles watched in slow motion as his coffee splashed over the front of his shirt. “Oh my god! Would you stop with the appearing out of nowhere act? Really? Of all the coffee shops? It just had to be this one?”

“Why wouldn’t I be here?” The werewolf grabbed a few napkins and began “patting” down the teen’s chest.

Stiles batted his hands away as the touching graduated from helpful to inappropriate. “Stop trying to cop a feel you pervert, there’s no coffee down there! You owe me a drink. To answer your question, it’s weird because this coffee shop is all the way across town? Maybe, because I know that you have one a block away from your apartment?”

“The coffee here is superior.” The older man smirked, “Aww, I didn’t realise you’ve been hanging around my neighbourhood. Miss me?”

“Don’t flatter yourself.  There are only three non-chain coffee shops in the whole town; of course I know where they are.” Stiles got back in line to get himself another drink. A very tall man in front of him ordered coffee and oddly asked if they had any pie before paying and moving to the other end of the counter. Peter frowned at him for a few moments before he cut in front of Stiles and gave their order.

“Why am I not surprised you know how I like my coffee?” Stiles crossed his arms as he plopped down at a table near the pickup counter. He rolled his eyes when Peter flashed his human teeth in a parody of a grin as he got up to retrieve their order. The teen was about to grab his drink and beat feet it out of there when he realised that Peter had ordered in. Stiles made an unintelligible noise of irritation when the older man placed the large ceramic cups on the table along with a plate of cookies. He grabbed one from the plate, “What? Trying to bring me over to the dark side?”

Peter deadpanned, “You know we lie, there aren’t any over here.”

The teen almost spit up his coffee at the witty retort. He gaped at the werewolf for a moment before gathering his wits up. At a loss for anything to say back he gestured to the coffee. “So is it really a coincidence or are you…?”

“I am most definitely following you. I got bored.” Stiles stared. Peter sipped his espresso and stared back.

“That’s it?” Stiles fiddled with the handle of his cup as his other hand squashed a cookie crumble into smaller and smaller bits.

“That is it.” The wolf smiled banally as if that explained everything.

“Why me? Shouldn’t you be following Scott around or plotting against Derek or something?” The younger man looked out the window; blatantly trying to avoid the intent look directed his way.

Peter licked his lips like the predator he was and Stiles could feel the older man’s gaze hot upon him. It felt like it was sliding underneath his clothes and caressing his skin. The former alpha replied, “You’re interesting.”

Stiles blushed a deep red. “Oh.”

III. Dinner

“What on Earth are you buying?”

Stiles almost crashed into the display next to him; as it was, he flailed wildly and nearly pulled the cart down on top of him. “What are you doing here?”

“Stiles, not all of us are savages. As much as fresh venison is so tasty, I do have a discerning palate.” The teen looked into the basket he was holding, observing a few wine bottles, fresh cheeses and cured meats.

“It figures you would be a food snob.” He turned away from the older man and pointedly ignored him as he perused the offerings of the Whole Foods produce section.

“I wasn’t aware you were so concerned with your health that you shopped here.” Peter trailed after him as he wheeled his way down the aisle. “Your consistent consumption of pizza and Chinese takeout at pack meetings makes this a surprise.”

“Not for me,” Stiles murmured under his breath as he read the label on a carton of tofu. “Dad needs to watch his diet.” The young man shook his head and put the item back in the cold case. Stiles heart jumped into his throat as he once again found Peter hovering in his personal space. “Bad Wolf!” he cried, mock swatting at the man.

“Yes, that is why I am everywhere.” Peter replied offhandedly. Stiles griped under his breath about the ‘unfortunate lack of a blue box to escape into’ before he was interrupted. “Do you even know how to cook any of this?” the former alpha whispered, his breath tickling the back of Stiles’ ear and causing gooseflesh along his arms.

“Whoa. That’s freaky. Could you lurk anymore than that?” The teen sidled out from where he was trapped between Peter and the shelf. “I cook. I’ll figure it out.”

Peter stalked him as he strolled over to the frozen foods. “Hmm, that won’t do. Fine foods like this shouldn’t go to waste on test recipes.” Stiles stopped and leaned against the handle of the cart.  He obviously wasn’t going to get away until Peter made his point so he might as well wait until the older man was done. The wolf crowded up to him, inappropriately pressing him against the glass of a freezer door. “Why don’t you come over to my apartment and I will make you a vegetarian lasagne. You can watch how I do it and try it on your own later.”

Stiles rolled his eyes then paused, “Wait. Did you just ask me to have dinner with you?”

Peter graced him with a smug grin, “I might have.” The beta walked away. Stopping at the end of the aisle he turned and said, “Friday at 6. I know you don’t have practice and the sheriff has the night shift.”

He disappeared around the corner as Stiles swore under his breath, “Damn stalker!”

-That Friday-

Sometime around five Derek knocked on his door. Peter opened it with a frown, “What are you doing here?”

His nephew growled, “Is there a reason Stiles couldn’t deliver this ‘magic box’ himself?” He thrust the item at Peter like it was going to burn him. “I can’t tell what it is.”

“What did he say?” the elder wolf took it and set it on the countertop.

“He said it was for something he was practicing and that you would know what it was.” The alpha was out the door before his uncle could get anything else out of him.

Peter didn’t recall any magic they were researching at the moment that would require a nullifying container. He traced his fingers along the edge and the top popped open. A wry chuckle escaped his lips as the smell from the contents of the box assailed his nose. He slipped a note out from under the plate the lasagne was sitting on.

-I figured it out

IV. Movie

Stiles looked at his phone again.


– I’m SO sorry! Allison called and she wants to “talk” –

Scott had ditched him again, for Allison; for the third time that week no less. Stiles was sure that if he waited another twenty minutes Scott would text back saying she had changed her mind, again; and that she didn’t want to see him. He wasn’t about to wait around for that, he had already bought his ticket so, hell he was going in alone if he had to. The teen turned abruptly and almost ran into the body that had appeared before him. “Wha…? Gah! Peter! What are you doing here?”

The older man looked at him mildly. “I go to the movies like everyone else.”

Stiles huffed, “What are you here to see?” The werewolf handed him his ticket and Stiles ground his teeth in displeasure. “Really?”

“It’s always been one of my favourite shows. Plus the navigator pleasantly reminds me of someone; energetic, smart… young.” Peter practically rolled the last word off of his tongue.

“Creeper,” Stiles muttered under breath. “You are so buying me some popcorn.” The older man smirked in amusement and gestured to the concession stand.

At some point in between sitting down and the final preview Peter managed to flip up the armrest separating them. Stiles thinks he did it while he was occupied turning his phone off. At the younger man’s dubious expression he muttered, ‘popcorn accessibility’ and placed the tub between them. Somewhere during the middle of the movie the empty container was placed on the floor and Stiles was dimly aware of the heat radiating from the arm against his. His awareness snapped back when a warm hand rested on his knee. He tilted his head sideways briefly and gave the older man a murderous look. Peter smirked and turned back to the movie. Stiles ignored the hand but it became increasingly hard to concentrate after that. Stiles didn’t know if it was stubbornness or curiosity but he wanted to see how far Peter was going to take it. Part of his brain refused to examine why he was beginning to be okay with this. This being an impromptu date with Peter Hale of all people and the fact that every few moments his hand would slide slowly up his leg.

Stiles drew in a shaky breath as the older man’s hand rested at the juncture of his thigh and hip, his fingertips lightly brushing the outline of his cock. And that was when Stiles almost freaked out, he was hard. Biting his lip he tried to concentrate on the movie, they were fighting on top of a moving vehicle and… and… Stiles cast a sidelong glance at Peter. The werewolf was sitting calmly, watching the show with no indication he was feeling up the young man next to him. The credits began to roll and Peter removed his hand. He leaned over and licked the young man behind his ear then asked, “So how did you like the movie?”

Stiles jumped up and levelled a deadly glare at him. “Thanks for the popcorn,” he snapped. As he walked away he grumbled, “I think you owe me another movie too.” Even though he was almost at the end of the row of seats he heard Peter chuckle. Looking back he saw the older man smile and wave. He ruefully conceded that he had let Peter know that he had gotten to him. Then while he was climbing into his Jeep, Stiles flushed with embarrassment because he realised he just asked the man out.

V. Clubbing

It’s darker in this club than the one they found Danny at; it was easier to get in as well. Also one town over as not to run into anyone they know. Scott is on the dance floor trying to live it up without Allison. Soda in hand, Stiles leaned against the bar and absentmindedly nodded to some dude in a pineapple decorated Hawaiian shirt who was drinking a pina colada. He’s only half paying attention to the stream of speech coming from the guy but he thought he heard him go on about his dog Lassie and how they are there to solve a mystery.

Moments later, Stiles jumped as Peter appeared at his elbow. The older man leered as he noted the tight shirt and pants the young man was sporting. “Dude you okay?” The man in the colourful shirt asks, looking at Peter with too much interest.

“I’m fine. My stalker has shown up so my night is now complete. See he’s even got the pedo-stache to prove it.” Stiles lolled his head in disgust. “This is very cliché. Next he’s going to want to dance.”

The wolf’s chuckle rumbled in his ears, “I thought you’d never ask. That is a very fetching ensemble you are wearing.” The older man tugged Stiles toward the dance floor and the teen barely resisted, at this juncture he thought ‘what was the point?’ The young man figured he would deal with it like everything else and just go with the flow.

As they moved on the dance floor the teen figured out Peter was slowly guiding him towards a dark corner. Stiles thought his eyes were going to roll out of his head at this revelation. He stopped, “Yeah, here is far enough.” Peter smirked and pulled him obscenely close. “Hey! Watch the hands you lecherous zombie!” He pulled the older man’s hands off his ass and repositioned them on his waist.

Peter grinded against him and mock whispered into his ear, “How can I live up to the names you are calling me if I can’t touch? I want to play grab-ass with you but you won’t let me grab your ass.” With the last sentence Peter backed him up to the wall and Stiles realised with some resignation that the man had distracted him long enough to actually get them into the dark corner. He gasped as the beta kept moving against him and then tried to ineffectually push the man away as he felt himself get hard. The wolf shoved his leg between Stiles’ and a particularly hard jerk had the young man gasping in arousal. He thought ‘fuck it’ and stopped struggling long enough to press his hips back. Peter let out a low sound of approval and nipped at his jaw.

Stiles looked over the older man’s shoulder and stiffened. “Scott’s looking for me,” he muttered. Before he even finished the sentence Peter had disappeared into the crowd. Now he was left panting against the wall with a raging boner and a very confused friend coming toward him.

“Stiles, you okay? You look sick, do you want to leave?” Stiles could fill whole terabytes with tales of his best friend’s adventures in oblivious.

“Yeah, just give me a moment. I think I need to use the bathroom.” As he walked toward the men’s room Stiles resolved to think of breasts while he was jerking off, beautiful plump breasts. Needless to say, he was rather aggravated as they left. The last thought Stiles had before cleaning up and leaving the stall was a pair of lips stretched in a perpetual smirk.

Plus One – Meet the Parents

Stiles never thought it would be a human that got the jump on him. He was so used to supernatural creatures that he’d forgotten about the human ones; that, and the tendency to partially tune his dad out when he talked about cases that didn’t involve his werewolves. After a meeting at Derek’s, he walked into the house while it was still dark. The moment the man jumped out of the shadows and hit him across the head Stiles thought, “Gee Dad, I found your serial rapist.”

Stiles didn’t have much longer to think about his predicament as he was dragged up the stairs to his room. The man threw him on his bed and Stiles immediately kicked and screamed as his assailant tried to rip his shirt off.  The next thing he heard was a snarl that drove a chill of ice through his veins and the man toppled over onto the floor. “Peter!” Stiles watched as the wolf roughly kneeled on the man’s back to keep him down. He could see it was taking the older man a great measure of restraint not to rip into him despite the fact the attacker was already unconscious.

Stiles jumped off the bed and ran into his father’s room to get his spare set of handcuffs. He tossed them at the former alpha as he asked, “Why didn’t you kill him? Or for that matter use your claws?” The young man was curious; Peter didn’t exactly strike him as merciful.

The older man looked at him like he was dumb. “I think it wouldn’t end well for either of us if I had ripped him to shreds in your bedroom. And despite what my nephew thinks I don’t want to draw any more attention to us as far as hunters are concerned.”

“Argh, how am I going to explain this? There is a BAU team camped out at dad’s station. I already feel like the youngest agent knows something weird is up with me because he keeps giving me these funny looks. It’s not like I can exactly tell them any sort of good reason that you were here.”

“Really Stiles? The thing closest to the truth is best. I dropped by to return a book Isaac borrowed and rushed inside when I heard a struggle.” The older man grabbed a book off of his shelf. “Call your father,” he said as he went out the open window. Stiles cringed as he heard Peter drop the book on the porch and bust the front door open. Picking up his cell he infused his voice with as much panic as he could muster. Regardless of everything he had been through in the last year it wasn’t hard to fake. When he put down the phone Peter was sitting on the bed next to him. He was regarding the young man with something akin to mystification.

The teen supposed this was some sort of turning point and that it was now or never. “Thanks for saving my life.” Stiles leaned forward and kissed him chastely on the lips. He pulled back and almost laughed at the surprised look on Peter’s face. He liked that look, so he did it again. This time Stiles licked at the older man’s lips and made a noise of approval when Peter’s mouth opened and he responded in kind. Hesitantly, both of them moved closer, the wolf’s hand coming down to rest tentatively on Stiles’ knee. The teen stroked his tongue over the soft palate of the former alpha’s mouth and his hand came up to run through Peter’s hair. The moan he let out was the wolf’s undoing. Peter snaked his arm around Stile’s waist and pulled the young man into his lap. His other arm clutched his shoulders and drew them closer. The kiss deepened until they were both gasping for breath. Stiles heard sirens in the distance drawing nearer. “I think we better stop.” He chuckled, “Especially since there is an unconscious dude at our feet and I don’t think you want meet my father this way.”

Peter laughed. “Go downstairs and greet the cavalry, I’ll stay with him.”

Minutes later Peter was greeted by the Sheriff, who shook his hand vigorously and thanked him for saving his boy. Then the professional mask came on and he was convinced that the teen got his keen observational skills from his father. Papa Stilinski didn’t say anything but the wolf knew the older man hadn’t bought a single word of the ‘I just happened by’ story, but the sheriff let it pass like all the other unexplained things that had occurred around his son recently. Stiles was also correct about the profilers that showed up a moment later. They were just a bit too keen and had him itching to lope off into the night.

At the end of the ordeal when all questions had been answered, statements signed and assurances of justice made, Peter took a moment to sidle up to the young man before leaving. “So that was fun. Want to have some more at my apartment tomorrow?”

“Dude. That is very unsubtle coming from you. You’re losing your touch. And the answer is no.” The young man grinned at him.

“No?” Peter raised his eyebrow in askance.

Stiles shot him a mischievous look. “I don’t put out that easily. We are going on a real date with real appointed meeting times and all that stuff. No more of these sneaky pseudo dates where you show up and hijack my plans.”

“And that is how it is going to be?” The older man asked with a hint of amusement in his voice.


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